My name is Andrew Peterson, owner/operator of Andrew’s Tuning and Performance. Andrew’s Tuning and Performance is a specialty performance shop dedicated to building custom parts designed to modernize older, classic vehicles. We also specialize in building modern classic cars and trucks, but have been especially focused on our custom parts business more recently. Before moving to Chico I was a Hot Rod instructor at Universal Technical Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and for the 6 years prior to that was a Master Jaguar Technician for two different Jaguar dealerships in southern California. I am an Advanced Level ASE certified technician, and when I was working for Jaguar, I specialized in electrical diagnostics, drivability and runability issues. My background with Jaguar and my love for performance has expanded my interests and business to aftermarket EFI, PCM tuning and anything related to modernizing older performance vehicles. I love merging old classic cars and trucks with modern technology. I am also heavily involved in performance marine, doing the same modernizing of engines in classic jet boats and v-drives.

In recent years we have been rapidly growing our inventory of in house and sublet built custom ATP parts. Specifically parts for custom F100 pickup builds and Crown Victoria swap suspension vehicle builds. All of our parts are geared towards reducing the difficulty of these swaps and maximizing the performance of them when completed. Some of our latest products focus on the Ford S550 Mustang IRS (2015+ Independent Rear Suspension) swaps and installs. We are constantly working to expand our offering as we see a demand in this rapidly growing market for custom Ford F100 pickup builds. 

Being a gearhead myself, I too have quite a few projects I have been working on. However the most well known is my daily driven ATP F100 which is a 1964 F100 Ford pickup I built that is powered by a Turbocharged 2v 4.6L Ford mod motor and 4r75w transmission. It is controlled by a full stand alone ecu/tcu setup with digital dash. It has Crown Victoria front suspension with my own ATP front coilover kit using ViKing double adjustable shocks. The rear is a 3 link suspension I designed and built that also uses ViKing double adjustable shocks. This truck has been the test bed for the majority of parts that have been custom designed and now sold as ATP custom F100 performance parts.

We never stop building or designing here at Andrew's Tuning and Performance, our F100 performance parts are constantly being expanded and refined to help you with your custom builds. If you are interested in any performance parts, custom parts, or work on your hotrod, or just have a question, please feel free to contact us. 


Andrew Peterson

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