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Mustang S550 IRS Install Templates


These are the new ATP Mustang S550 independent rear suspension install templates for the 67-72 Ford F100 stock frame. These templates allow you to easily cut the stock 67-72 Ford F100 frame for clearance to install the Mustang S550 rear subframe assembly and locate it properly so the wheels line up in the wheel wells and the pinion angle will be correct. They install using locating holes at the front and rear where the original leaf spring hangers mounted and you can then cut along the precut areas of the template using it as a guide. Once the frame is cut you can then use these templates to weld them to the frame and reinforce the frame. YOU WILL NEED MORE BRACING OF THE FRAME TO THE SUBFRAME FOR THE FINAL INSTALL.

You will cut off the excess subframe mounting ears on the subframe and use more bracing to weld the subframe to the stock frame and templates for proper install. You will also need to make sure the subframe is positioned correctly side to side. These ATP S550 IRS install templates will help you get proper subframe depth, forward/rearward positioning and pinion angle on your 67-72 F100. 

We still recommend doing an initial mock up of the subframe once the frame is cut, before fully welding. Simply tacking the subframe into the frame and mounting your wheels and tires and the bed to the frame to verify positioning of the wheels and ensuring you like the look. If you prefer to move the subframe forward or rearward slightly we have slotted the rear holes to allow slight repositioning if you want. 


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