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ATP F100 Flush Mount Center Bed Fill Fuel Tank w/Aeromotive Pump assembly


This is the ATP Flush Mount Center Bed fill Fuel tank built by Boyd Welding exclusive for ATP. This Center Bed Fill tank allows you to connect a hose from the barb fitting on the tank, to the barb fittings on the bottom of the Billet Flush Mount filler which makes for an easy connection to the bed floor flush mount filler cap. If you would prefer to have a door or hole in the bed to access the filler, we also have the ATP Center Bed Fill Fuel Tank that is exactly the same as this one, but has a solid aluminum filler with billet screw on cap. 

The tank itself, whether its the center bed fill, flush mount fill or side fill it was designed to fit the rear of the truck if you are running S550 Mustang IRS rear suspension (as well as all other suspension setups such as 3 or 4 bar or stock leaf springs). We wanted to make these tanks as hassle free, fully complete and highest quality as we possibly could. They were designed to fit absolutely perfect with no cutting or clearance issues. They come shipped to you with the Aeromotive Phantom fuel pump modules installed, high quality float-less fuel sender installed and a fuel tank installation kit for easy mounting to the frame rails behind the rear suspension. These tanks will hold 19 gallons of fuel.

 HP ratings are for  Flywheel Naturally Aspirated EFI engines running Gas. below is a reference to what BOOSTED Gas and BOOSTED E85 HP capabilities are with each pump option.

Note: INTERNALLY REGULATED FUEL PUMPS ARE ONLY CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING 600HP and are not available in higher HP options. 


600 hp / 450 hp / not recommended

850 hp / 700 hp / 500 hp

1100 hp / 800 hp / 575 hp

1700 hp / 1400 hp / 1000 hp

3300 hp / 2400 hp / 1700 hp

 This tank requires moving the rear frame brace to the back of the frame on F100s just like any rear mounted tank would require. 

Pump Style:

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