Shawn Griswold's F100

@griswold new #f100 sitting in front of the #atpf100 it’s probably one of the straightest #bumpside #trucks I’ve ever come across. Going to be sweet with some #andrewstuningandperformance #atpcustomparts on it and a #cvswap #ford #fordf100 #streettruck #swap #crownvicswap #mustangirsswap

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I couldn’t find an email “contact” link, so I’m using this blog entry to alert you to the fact that the ‘57 – ’60 Dakota Digital dash that you offer also fits the ’61 – ’67 Econoline Pickup and van. I’m running a Crown vic IFS and Lincoln IRS on my ‘61 Pickup – which is why I was checking out your offerings. I’m considering your front coilovers so I can RAISE my front 1/2".

Lyle S Simons November 16, 2020

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