First step we took towards making Tess the Truck cool

Tess the truck started life as a long bed F100. Although there is a very significant following of people whole love the bumpside Ford longbed pickup, that is not us. So we decided to document the steps we took to immediately increasing the value of this Ford F100 long bed truck, by cutting the frame and bed down to the size of a shortbed truck. This is the first part of the process where we remove the 16" from the frame and bed sides that are in front of the rear tires. In part 2 we finish the job and remove the additional 4" from the bedsides to create a properly sized 67-72 F100 shortbed pickup. We have plenty more videos along the way as we continue to build the first ever Tesla swapped, fully electric Ford bumpside F100 that we now call Tess.... Tess the Truck.



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